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Published on May 21st, 2012 | by Xalaga


The Geek Link Ep 12: Where is my money?

This week on The Geek Link, we talk about no Diablo III for Australia, Activation looks for dirt on Infinity Ward bosses Jason West and Vince Zampella, EA Settle $400 Million Lawsuit and Minecraft the hottest thing since Call of duty on Xbox 360.

Starring Cannonfodder and Xalaga


This weeks end of episode song  “Minecraft forest” by phphf

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Samurai Champloo

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Founder & CEO of I like to be a hero in a world of 1's and 0's. A computer programmer by day and a gaming journalist by night, I spend most of my time dedicated to everything videogame. From teaching a college level class in videogame history to being part of "Portland's Ignite" speaking about girls in gaming, there is little time where I don't do some sort of videogame related activity. Now I spend my down time dedicated to The Geek Link where I'm a writer, a Web Master, and I am one of the creators and co-hosts of The Geek Link Podcast.

4 Responses to The Geek Link Ep 12: Where is my money?

  1. walter says:

    love the podcas!

    I’ve been a gamer forever but I recently REdiscovered my gamer side (mostly due to my divorce lol) and I’m having tons of fun. However I do find it hard to schedule enough time to be able to play ALL the games I want to play. I still play WOW and spend too much time on there. I need to share the gamer love.

    • xalaga says:

      Sorry about the divorce but YAAAAAAAAY about gaming! Im guessing will be able to see the return of the PinkRanger on Halo 4?? *hint, hint* :)

      • walter says:

        The divorce was a good thing. From now on I’m only dating either a gamer or someone who can understand my need to be a gamer. It’s not a choice you know, I was born this way. ;)

        The PinkRanger will be in full force on Halo4, I’ve played on live here and there. I’m still hooked on WOW and now D3. It’s hard to get over that wow bug. lol

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