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Published on January 11th, 2013 | by CannonFodder


Arcane Legends Review

Arcane Legends Review CannonFodder

Summary: While Arcane Legends is well put together graphically, gameplay falters with simplistic fights, and over linear skill systems.


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Gaming in it’s original form was a stationary past time. Whether it be PCs or consoles connected to a monitor of some kind, you played in one spot, unless of course the excitement got the better of you. As years ended and technology changed, handheld devices became more and more popular. So much so, that even cellular devices have become marketable for video games. Arcane Legends is such a game to use this relatively new form of gaming to make their mark, and one of the few to try and link both mobile and PC gaming into one.

Arcane Legends is a MMO action RPG game that allows you to take control of a character based off of three separate classes: the Sorcerer, the Rogue, and the Warrior. Level up your character by hacking and slashing your way through hordes of baddies in dungeons and maps to save locals, gather loot, and interact with other players in the community.

Arcane Legends Classes

The three playable classes in Arcane Legends

As an MMO, Arcane Legends runs wonderfully. Decently fast load times between areas, and little “lag” amongst the different players, without needing a very powerful connection. The game uses a pickup group (PUG) system that picks four or five other players around your level to enter dungeons or “instances” together, which is very convenient for a mobile game such as this. the different zones or instances are very straightforward and not terribly large, allowing groups to stay together rather easily without getting lost or turned around.

Despite the classes being very limited, with only three to choose from, the way you form each class is where the complexity of them unfolds. Each class has multiple skills that develop your character into its own unique fighter, or even healer/medic. Some the the abilities for each class seem rather obscure though, for example the rogue of all classes being able to take up a healer, or combat medic role seems unusual as far as what rogues are usually known for; stealth and trickery.

Once in a fighting zone, combat is a very simple task with one attack button that’s able to be charged, and a first-aid button for healing you or your party. Arcane Legends also implements a pet system in game and, thankfully, they’re more useful than sitting and looking pretty. Pets each have a unique benefit to using them, whether it be a dexterity increase, a strength boost, or what have you. They also come in handy during fights with their own attacks/special moves and can even pick up gold and items for you that are dropped on the ground as your kill things.

Monsters in fighting zones are rather simple minded and easy enough to kill, as long as you are evenly leveled with them. Each zone consists of multiple groups, or waves, of trash mobs and minions of bosses that traverse each dungeon. Multiple bosses roam these. They also aren’t terribly bright or more difficult to defeat than their lackeys. Other than an extra move or two more than the minions they rule over (that are usually pretty easy to dodge), the only thing bosses offer is the gear dropped off of them that is equipable, depending on what is dropped.

Equipment and gear in Arcane Legends is pretty limited. Consisting of head and chest armor, an amulet, ring, and a weapon(s); the choices are rather limited. Items are separated by level of rarity the same way most other games are: green – uncommon, blue – rare, and purple – epic. While items drop off every boss you defeat in game, you can also head to the store for chests that will give a random epic level item if you want to buy your way through the game rather than playing it.

Gear and graphic quality is surprisingly high for a mobile game

Free to Play seems to have become one of the most popular genres in the past year or so, and with it, so has buying your way through games. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it does seem to relinquish some of the challenge that come along with playing the game in the first place. While understandable that companies need to be able to make a profit, and not everyone has as much time as others to play the games they enjoy, but don’t want to be left behind; Arcane Legends seems to do a very minimal job of putting those buyable items in plain sight and being obnoxious with them.

Overall, this expedition into the land of magic and adventure by Spacetime Studios has been… Okay. While it isn’t by any means a horrid game, it is inescapably run of the mill. A decent sized cast, though nothing new to see in the classes they offer, pets that are numerous, but are very limited in options based on their stats and how helpful they are to each class, numerous types of monsters, though dimwitted and stale combat after the first dungeon or so, and the list goes on. Arcane Legends seems to be the definition of a “Safe Game”. While that isn’t a terrible thing, it does make the game less than overwhelming to anyone older than 12.

Editor’s note: A copy of Arcane Legends was provided by Spacetime Studios.

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