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Published on January 11th, 2013 | by Malcolm Spinedi


Firmware Update 0.25: The New 52

Another year, another episode of the Firmware Update. Have Joe and Malcolm really been allowed to podcast together for a whole year? Who’s responsible for such a tragedy, and how do we talk to our children about it?

Talking points: PS3 sales; book burning cancellation; from LEGO to LOST; The Great THQ Fire Sale; what to do with your Walking Dead save; PSN sales rankings; Three Dog returns?; EVO mammograms; RIP WipEout; From Sexy Dinosaurs to Suda51 to Vietnam; more Borderlands; more Clementine; X-Men and the Apocalypse; Shadow of the Colossus buffet; one last stab at Assassin’s Creed III. (Spoiler Alert: There will never be a final time to rip on Assassin’s Creed 3, especially their overcomplicated money system.)

All this plus Joe and Malcolm’s master plan of surviving the Apocalypse. Apparently, the key is Reed Richards! Malcolm actually drops some comic book knowledge on Joe and tells him a Wolverine vs. Deadpool fight worth seeing, and Joe talks on his woes and selling his underwear on ebay (links coming soon!). Plus Malcolm And Joe share some of there memories from making the show. Starting with the terrible first episode to now. Why does Malcolm thank Xalaga? What was Joe’s personal favorite memory? Listen in and find out as we celebrate our one year milestone. Thanks to everyone for all their help throughout the years! Looking forward to the next couple of years!

Where did we get the title for this week’s Firmware Update? Check out this info on the New 52… Yeah, I got nothing this week.

Your PS3 Hosts:

Malcolm “Coward Duck” Spinedi: (@CowardDuck)

Joe “Joe Garcia” Garcia: (@Wons23)


Intro - “Du Style” by Jena Lee

Outro -  “Two Moons” by EXO-K

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