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Published on January 19th, 2013 | by Xalaga


Skylanders Sidekicks…You Can Haz Them Now!

Skylanders sidekicks are possibly one of the cutest Skylander’s you’ll ever encounter.  Originally the only way to get these four mini figures was trough a Frito Lay promotion.  You bought a box of Frito Lay snacks, send in the UPC, tell them which one you wanted (Trigger snappy, Gill Grunt, Whisper Elf and my favorite Terrabite) with aprox $2.00 and wait for 6 to 8 weeks till you got one.   A complete set of the Sidekicks could be found on Ebay north of $100.00!!!

So if you missed the Frito Lay special and/or didn’t have a hundred dollars laying around for these little guys, don’t fear. Gamestop is running a special where if you purchase $29.99 or more you get one of the four sidekicks  The more you spend, the more sidekicks you get!  So if you have not picked up Eye brawler or Thumpback, this might be your chance to get your hands on one of this guys!

Just so you know, the sidekicks do nothing in the game.  You can load them up on any version of Skylanders for any device, and all they do is look cool next to your regular Skylander figure.  Think of it as a World of Warcraft pet when they didn’t do anything combat wise.  Just a cool, little version of your Skylander.

Rumor has it that Frito Lay will be doing the promotion again, with four new sidekicks to be: Barkley (mini T-Rex), Eye-Small (mini Eye Brawl), Thumpling (mini Thumpback), and Mini Jini (mini…er…Ninjini).  More on this promotion latter. For now…go get your Terrabite…you know you want one >_O


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