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Sports Entertainment Weekly: Issue 2

The WWE can be a tricky thing to follow. They have a show just about everyday and some of them are over three hours. If only there was some jerk out there who brought up the important things of the week into a column and made catching up easy. Well fear not, for I am that jerk! Join me as I talk about some of bigger moments in WWE this week, and why they are worth noticing. To quote one of my personal favorites:

Alberto Del Rio Beat Big Show for the World Heavyweight Title… Wait, what!?



On last week’s Smackdown the WWE did what they used to do best and shocked us by giving us a new World champion, on Smackdown of all places. What’s more, they did it with the newly turned face Alberto Del Rio.

For the longest time, Del Rio was yet another guy who just simply existed on the WWE roster. His role essentially was to be food for main eventers; he’d look strong for weeks on TV and then lose to the Ortons and the Cenas of the WWE to make them look strong. He’s not terrible in the ring, in fact he’s quite good. Plus him and his personal announcer Richardo Rodriguez is hands down the best double act in professional wrestling history. It’s just that WWE didn’t do anything with him, so a lot of people (including myself) lost interest. So when, suddenly, the WWE decided to put the belt on him it was a major shock.

Him winning the belt is based on a lot of factors. For one thing, the WWE has been very predictable as of late. Some sites already have some great predictions of where we’re going for Wrestlemania. Until know, it looked like Big Show was dropping it at Mania, but it looks like WWE realized this. Say what you will about WWE but they are great at ending predictability.

On top of this, the WWE loves making Superstars based on demographics. WWE has needed a top superstar for their hispanic audience for some time. While they do have Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara, they’re not high enough on the WWE totem pole yet. On top of this both guys have a tendency to be injury prone. Del Rio on the other hand has proven to be a reliable guy. So why not give him the strap?

So where do we go from here? A rematch is already set for the Royal Rumble and a win would cement him as a main event player. However, I have a feeling he’s dropping it back to Big Show. I guess we’ll all see at the Royal Rumble.

Rock does some Great Segments and a Terrible Concert!

Some people maybe looking at that bolded line a little funny. “He’s the Rock! Why wouldn’t he do great segments?” Well, let me tell you.

WWE has this weird philosophy about Rock since he came back. That philosophy is “He’s the Rock and no one we have is good enough to breathe the same air as him. He should do segments by himself because he’s just that good.” We saw a lot of this belief last year for Rock vs. Cena, where Rock got 20 minutes at the end of the show and Cena got maybe 8 minutes at the start. That belief is the dumbest thing to come out of the WWE office in some time.

See a lot of the joy that came from a Rock promo was watching him rip a guy to shreds. He was great at it and he was funny. Plus, we hated whoever he was doing it to so it was awesome. The WWE this year remembered this and thus had him interact with some past and present talent.

On Smackdown he had an incredible segment with the Rhodes Scholars. Damian Sandow continues to prove why he is a star on the rise with this segment. His banter with the Rock was hysterical and I loved seeing the Rock take on his quiz, especially the twist at the end. Cody did a great job here too, even if he didn’t say too much.

On top of this, we were also treated to a Rock N Sock reunion. This was a real treat for any fans of the Attitude Era as these two continued to be gold even now. The chemistry those two feel is so genuine and we got just a taste of it here. The best part was Mick bringing up the Rock Bottom from last year and Rock brushing it off saying no one remembers that. The segment served as a set up for Vickie to be picked on later on the show’s Rock concert… which sure did exist.

The Rock didn’t hit all home runs this week. The Rock Concert was very “meh”. For one thing, there was only two songs. Last time we got so many songs the WWE released an iTunes version of it. He wrote one on Paul Heyman and Vickie but surprisingly nothing for Punk. Punk thankfully did show up at the end and Rock swore to God that he will beat him at the Royal Rumble. They then brawled to continue to set up the PPV. So good stuff stuff at the end, but the Rock concert is definitely passable.

Missus Foley’s baby boy is going to the Hall of Fame!


In a “About time!” moment, the WWE announced Mick Foley as the first member of the class of 2013 in the WWE’s Hall of Fame. Anyone who follows wrestling knew that it was only a matter of time before it happened, but man did they take their sweet time making it happen. Happy to see that he seems to be heading up that class too; he definitely deserves it.

Foley was a very integral part of the Attitude Era. His feuds with Rock, Austin, and especially the Undertaker are still talked about to this day. In fact, his Hell in the Cell match with the Undertaker is to this day regarded as the most incredible moment in WWE history. It was also voted #1 on WWE’s recent “50 Greatest OMG Moments” DVD. The best way to remember how much of an impact Foley has is best shown on WWE’13′s Attitude Era storyline. Even I forgot how much Foley was involved in WWE storylines but then I re-lived almost all of his huge moments.

Congratualtions to Mick, and once again, it’s about damn time.

Want to find out more about the WWE? Check out their official web page!


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