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Published on March 10th, 2013 | by smikey1123


Giveaway: League of Legends PAX Only Skins for Sivir, Sona, Nasus, and Graves

*Update: I would like to apologize to all those that have entered. Due to a situation out of our control we won’t be able to give out the Jax skins. For this we are sincerely sorry. Instead, we are offering 4 codes. 1 PAX skin each for Nasus, Sona,  Sivir and Graves. The contest will run the same and end at the same time.


League of Legends is the extremely popular Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) from Riot Games. The object is to take your champion and conquer a lane trying to over take the other teams Nexus (base). You have over 100 champions to choose from, though most require you to buy them using Riot Points or IP. With the amount of items, spells, and enchantments you can use, almost no two builds of the same character will be the same. I have recently started playing and have become hooked on the game. To celebrate my addiction, we decided to do a giveaway for 3 skins (1 each) from Nasus, Sivir, and Sona champions that was only available at PAX. Not only will you get the skin, but if you don’t already own the champion it will be unlocked for you as well. Sort of a 2-for-1 deal.

To win all you have to do is complete the tasks in the widget below. I will pick the winners from the entrants who complete all the tasks. The giveaway will end on Saturday March 16th, 2013. Good luck.

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To learn more on League of Legends or about the champion whose skin we have to giveaway, head over to the official League site.


UPDATE: We understand the demand for this skin and we are happy that we can give them to two  of you, but please don’t cheat.  Making new twitter accounts to give yourself more chances is not a good idea.   Let’s play nice :)


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94 Responses to Giveaway: League of Legends PAX Only Skins for Sivir, Sona, Nasus, and Graves

  1. orz says:

    I’d love to win Jax!

  2. smikey1123 says:

    Remember to answer the question in your comment.

  3. Rhys Egner says:

    It wouldn’t be pissing people off if I weren’t playing Sona with the good ‘ol Arcade skin!

  4. Justin Turner says:

    I’ve been enjoying playing Kayle! But I wants some Cardboard Tube Samurai Jax!

  5. Hibiki Yoshioka says:

    I definitely want this

  6. nikita says:

    I love League of Legends!

  7. Grizz says:

    Pax Jax is awesome, but my fav is Orianna!

  8. Amy says:

    I want this awesome skin :)

  9. Amy says:

    and my fav champion is teemo :D

  10. Renegade says:

    Pax Jax is the best Jax skin.

  11. Moonwalker91 says:


  12. Tracewyvern says:

    My favourite champion is Mordekaiser, his ult feels rewarding to use.

  13. Turboturk says:

    Rengar :D

  14. Matt "AmbroseBaal" L says:

    I don’t always play jax, but when I do I want to use his PAX skin.

  15. ZeNitch says:

    DEMACIA ! … I mean Jarvan IV >.>

  16. DarkAvengerrr says:

    My favorite champ is definitely Katarina!

  17. Naxius says:

    Bashing every1 only with lamp? jax all day long

  18. Sh0tKO says:

    I love Caitlyn :)

  19. Thatsonofagunn says:

    Mundo goes where he pleases, and so do I.

  20. Inmasorian says:

    I love Rengar :).Cool. I hope I win:)

  21. Jakob H says:

    My favourite champion is Lux!

  22. Eemil S says:

    heimerdinger is definetly my favorite

  23. Burbon says:

    I <3 SEJUANI ^__________^

  24. Alexander Anzjøn says:

    I love my dear Kog’Maw <3

  25. Burbon says:

    I love Sejuani, she`s awesome !!!1111 1 1

  26. Sharow says:

    Riven <3 <3

  27. Dries says:

    Kha’zix, always

  28. Lionhel says:

    I <3 Lux

  29. wololooo178 says:

    i love nami

  30. Tupernikus says:

    My favorite champion is probably Ahri although she is not as op as she was a few months ago :3.

  31. Alex Herrmann says:

    Lemme win

  32. Cameron Smith says:

    My favorite champion is Hecarim! GL all!

  33. loick kempen says:

    my favorite champion is anivia

  34. Ghitza says:

    Love Draven :X

  35. Rob says:


  36. bill says:

    fav champ? diana!

  37. Kyle Yuan says:

    My favorite champ is renekton.

  38. Chocopuddi says:

    I hope i get one of them! Jax is one of my favourite champs along Udyr :D

  39. Chris Shikov says:

    Jax is one of my top 5 champs :P love him

  40. stephat says:

    I love playing akali and jax

  41. Totsuo says:

    My favourite champion is Pantheon ! and second Jax !

  42. Steen Sia says:

    My favorite champion is Jayce!

  43. Dhilan says:

    My favourite champion? Why it’s jax of course. Who doesn’t love the master of attack steroids.

  44. PhilosoJester says:

    My favourite champ is one of these three Jax/Malphite/Varus.. not sure which one.

  45. Wilson Pais says:

    Jax is one of my favorite champions, and I never got around to buying a skin for him! Come on, help a student out :D

  46. Moraru Radu Ionut says:

    my favorite champ is hmmm… taric :D cus i’m support main.

  47. henry says:

    My favorite league champion would obviously be Jax~! That’s why I’m entering this giveaway. I want PAX Jax because I don’t have a skin for him yet and hes my favorite champion! Anyways, thanks for the giveaway and I hope I win ;D. Good luck everybody~even though I want it :)

  48. psychokaiser says:

    my favourite champion?? i like irelia and zed, but i prefer JAX for sure

  49. caod123 says:

    thresh <3

  50. Revym says:

    Favorite champion is Blitzcrank :)

  51. sacha says:

    i want that jax skin plz!!!
    btw, my favorite champion is thresh <3

  52. Martin says:

    My favourite champion is Kog’maw.

  53. Hamdi says:

    Pax Jax ftw

  54. CuZza says:

    Hi my fav champs is Darius

  55. Bryce says:

    My favorite champ is Dr. Mundo!

  56. baobaoaz says:

    I like ap tryan

  57. HUGEFATGG says:


  58. Timothy says:

    Would really like Pax Jax!!!

  59. H says:

    oh btw favourite champ is kogmaw

  60. bladdercat says:

    All mine! Want!

    Jax ftw!!!

  61. Vincent says:

    I WOULD LOVE A FREE SKIN ^^ , done everything :3 you asked

  62. AN JONG SUN says:

    I love sivir
    i love AD

  63. Kevin says:

    Lee Sin is my favorite by far!

  64. Taekyun says:

    I would love to get pax sivir :D

  65. Taekyun says:

    and my favorite champion is ummm caitlyn!!

  66. min says:

    i like sivir very very like she ~~

  67. Timothy says:

    Fav Champ is Vi.

  68. Games4me says:

    My favorite champion is Vladimir but OH MY GOODNESS THE SKINS.

  69. TerJkee says:

    great giveaway! I would to get like bandit sivir).

  70. Tischbeinchen says:

    Jax all the way :D i wanna play him in his full glorry <3

  71. Matthew says:

    Brand <3

  72. mad_ch1ld says:

    My favourite champion is Sona, give me skin , please :)

  73. sergey says:


  74. Chris Moon (@SAGExSDX) says:

    My favorite champs right now are Shen, Vi, and Fiora.

  75. grojas09 says:

    i love Jax :D

  76. Adam says:

    pretty neat

  77. JaytheGay says:

    I HOPE I WIIIIN~~~~~~~~~~

  78. JaytheGay says:

    Favorite Champs: Nautilus, Gangplank, Malzahar, Viktor, Ziggs, Nocturne, Jayce, Ahri, etc etc etc

  79. smikey1123 says:

    Thank you everyone for entering. The Giveaway has ended. The winners are Mad_chi1ld, Chris Moon, Grizz, and Jake Petersen. Please email your FULL NAME, MAILING ADDRESS AND RANK THE 4 SKINS IN THE ORDER YOU WOULD PREFER TO GET THEM to so we may send you your prize. You have until Monday March 18th at 7 PM Central to claim your prize or new names will be drawn.

  80. ektha1715 says:

    pax sivir code give me..

  81. qwe4839 says:

    Please give Sibir code by

  82. YoshiBS says:

    I absolutely love this game I remember when Cho’Gath first came out so OP >.<
    love adc champions like Quinn or Graves

  83. Janus says:

    I want sivir!!

  84. maridan says:

    please give me pax sivir please………

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