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Published on March 22nd, 2013 | by Xalaga


Giveaway: PAX East 2013 League of Legends Skin Giveaway!

Pax east 2013 has barely started and here we are already with League of Legends Skin codes to give away!!!!  Our intrepid Malcolm Spinedi  is live on the scene and collected some codes for Rammus and Graves.  Riot has changed the rules a bit this year as these codes expire in 5 days!!  So make sure that you keep an eye on our twitter feed @TheGeekLink and to see who won!

To win all you have to do is complete the tasks in the widget below. We will pick the winners from the entrants who complete all the tasks. The giveaway will end on Monday March 25th, 2013 at 12:00 AM Central time.  Winners will be notified immediately!  So please keep an eye on twitter as we will give you a couple of hours to reply with your email.  In your email, please tell us which skin do you prefer (you only win one skin). If we happen to have it, we will let you chose, otherwise a code will be sent to you with the name of the Champion.

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To learn more on League of Legends or about the champion whose skin we have to giveaway, head over to the official League site.

*The Geek Link and all it’s member are not responsible for any damage any giveaway can cause. We reserve the right to change the rules at any given time to adjust for demand as well as change the prize of the giveaway if a problem occurs. The article will be edited to reflect any changes. Multiple entries from fake twitter accounts, emails, etc, will be voided. All winners are chosen at random.  May the odds be ever in your favor.

*Thank you to everyone who entered. The Winners are Psyrebel, Jack-Henry Behncke, Jacob Saltzman, Kyle Yuan, Kristian Bednarek, and Jacob Luecke. You have until 10 AM Central US to email with you choice of skin. Thank you to everyone who entered. We will have more giveaways coming soon, so keep checking in to

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226 Responses to Giveaway: PAX East 2013 League of Legends Skin Giveaway!

  1. Tony says:

    Lux ftw

  2. maarten says:


  3. Eric says:

    Hope I win!

    • smikey1123 says:

      If you are commenting for the entry, remember to answer the question it asks. “Who is your favorite League champion?” and also list which champion you would prefer.

  4. Maciej says:

    Wish i could be there!

  5. Hunter says:

    Right now it is Xerath and Vayne. Xerath for his high burst damage and Vayne for her awesome early poke!

  6. Kaare says:


  7. Mad_ch1ld says:

    My favourite champion is Sona :) She is cool! Between Rammus and Graves I would choose Graves, because Graves strong attack damege carry.

  8. Jesse says:

    Nocturne ftw duh! Fear the Darkness!

  9. Amon says:

    Vayne all day. xD

  10. Tupernikus says:

    My favourite champion is still Ahri :)

  11. Levi Mahon says:

    My favorite champions would have to be..Zed, Malphite, Rammus, Varus and Fiora.

  12. Gail says:

    My favorite champion is Sona!

  13. Leslie says:

    Diana is my favorite! We need new skins for her! <3

    • Leslie says:

      Either skin would be cool I dont mind Graves or Nassus c: (or Sona if youre doing her again O_o)

  14. Cheke says:

    Cait is my favorite!

  15. Körbi says:

    Jax !!

  16. ching says:

    Hecarim is my favorite..vroom vroom vroom

  17. jokA says:


  18. Tay says:


  19. Nicolas says:

    Hecarim & Rammus <3

  20. kyle says:

    Jarvan IV

    “Demacia, Now, and Forever.”

  21. Gene says:

    Annie is the best!

  22. Sharow says:


  23. Matthew taylor says:


  24. Clx says:

    Graves for the win. He is handsdown the best carry ever and he is cool.
    Aside from him well, vayne is pretty awesome too.

  25. Ross says:

    Gangplank is my favourite champion and i’d love to have a Graves Skin.

  26. Spacecase says:

    Leona fo sho

  27. Marwan says:

    Twsited Fate is my favorite champion, I wouldn’t mind either skin, preferably graves :)

  28. Andrew says:

    Soraka is my favorite support. Rammus is my favorite jungler

  29. Joseph says:

    Lux is the best champion. Hands down. PEW PEW LAZERS!

  30. Alex97l says:

    i love jax because he is a real champion , and he is funny :3

  31. orz says:

    Current favorite champ is Diana!

  32. winhhh says:

    Random !

  33. Frank says:

    Syndra is totaly my favorite.

  34. Rick says:


  35. Hung Hakatu says:

    Rly rly love those skins

  36. Elton Ojeda says:


  37. Lua says:

    all years 4 pax ._.

  38. Br3nd4n says:

    I love top Lane so Riven’s been my favorite for a long time in terms of her gameplay, but Recently I’ve become attached to Jax and Wukong which have been catching with her, and Rammus is my fav Jungler because He makes Everything “Ok”.

  39. Sergey says:

    Tristana <3

  40. Greg Cowser says:


  41. Chocopuddi says:

    Udyr! :D

  42. Ari says:


  43. Richard says:

    Woot leggo.

  44. Ryuk4mi says:


  45. Dertevb says:

    Lux, maybe Riven

  46. Tonemis says:


  47. James says:


  48. Renegade says:


  49. lady says:

    I love Lulu!

  50. edela says:

    Rammus ftw :D

  51. Inmasorian says:

    My favourite champion Rammus :)

  52. Matthew says:

    Brand <3

  53. Chris says:

    Nidalee :)

  54. WAVEzZzZz says:

    Graves ftw…

  55. Collel says:

    Miss Fortune

  56. Reinis says:

    My favourite champion would be Zed. I think that he is the best assasin in whole game. He got great sustain, damage, and escape abilities.

  57. PhilosoJester says:


  58. roob says:

    Twisted Fate!

  59. Runkel says:

    Lulu, my main role is support and i like her the most :)

  60. Rickard says:


  61. Fabio says:

    My favourite champion is Super Teemo! :3

  62. ZeNitch says:

    Jarvan IV

  63. Ryxus says:

    Current favourite is Thresh.

  64. Leeyanihhh says:

    My favorite champ is Sona! And I’d love a Lulu skin or a Zyra skin. ♥

  65. BeepBoop says:


  66. Kimxoxo says:

    Twisted Fate all the way!

  67. SoulSuke says:


  68. AR says:

    I just want to win things. :’(

  69. aris says:

    My favourite champ is the BIG malphite.

  70. Domidlo says:


  71. Klaus Postner says:

    Nasus !!!!!

  72. Didrik says:

    I really do love Rammus. He speaks and acts all cool and he spins around like a basketball gone wild.

  73. rivenX says:


  74. Phantom says:

    I recently picked up Tristana and has become my favourite champion.

  75. triso says:

    Vi ftw

  76. Kekek0 says:

    i like MF

  77. Sergey B. says:

    My favorite champion is Ezreal :)

  78. Silux says:

    Jayce is my favourite! :)

  79. Nick says:


  80. Mark says:

    Syndra! :D

  81. Faruk says:

    Irelia :D

  82. Fiddlesticks is definitely my number one champ! But lately I’ve started to play support a bit more with Thresh (2nd fav) and Nami (3rd).

  83. Krochmal says:

    Nida is best champ !

  84. Kyle Yuan says:

    My favorite champion is renekton. FTW!

  85. ashquex says:


  86. BigLegoman says:

    Riot plz buff Akali

  87. Duy Trinh says:

    Lee Sin!

  88. escafandra6 says:


  89. Dāvis Dakša says:

    Rammus, omg. My main, in love since started LoL

  90. Dries says:

    Riven for win

  91. David XF says:

    Vi is my favorite.

  92. Charles says:

    My favourite champions are Riven for top Rammus or Lee Sin for jungle Diana for mid Thresh for support and Vayne or Draven for adc. My fav skins are championship riven witch i didint get :( Bruce Lee Sin :) and King Rammus.

    • Charles says:

      Lol forgot to mention about full metal and Ninja Rammus. But i cant choose 1 skin theyre all awesome. :D

  93. Thiago says:


  94. Frostfruit says:

    Sona is my favorite Champion

  95. Frostfruit says:

    Sona is my favorite support champion and I love her so much!! <3

  96. Pesquil says:


  97. Alex says:


  98. Buhu says:

    Lee Sin

  99. Spider11 says:


  100. KiWii says:

    Lulu, the fae sorceress :D

  101. GarryDee says:


  102. Noelle Lane says:

    My favorite champion is Lulu. :)

  103. Dennis Ljunggren says:

    My favorite champion is Lux because of her amazing laser to steal away objectives of the map.

  104. Rhys Egner says:

    I would certainly appreciate the Rammus skin.

    As per usual, I’m a huge fan of being “that guy” who plays Sona to tick off everyone who is not Sona. On the other hand, I’ve begun to enjoy playing Nasus a bit more.

  105. Eren Konuk says:


  106. aaronspong says:

    LOVE GRAVES SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Jan Paix says:

    All time favourite is Fiora, her accent is the best (and the playstyle is nice too)

  108. Maciej says:


  109. Peter Kjellén says:

    I think my favorite as of right now is Ahri! She’s so awesome to play :D The skin I would prefer would be the Graves skin.

  110. Sean says:

    Right now, probably Soraka, Mundo, or Varus

  111. theprimal says:


  112. kirilll says:


  113. loick kempen says:


  114. Wolf says:

    Irelia forever

  115. slt says:


  116. James says:


  117. Kevin says:

    Miss Fortune

  118. Alex says:

    Tks for giveaway. Kog’maw

  119. Mikey Ka says:


  120. Gutgut says:


  121. Xanius says:

    Teemo ftw

  122. Straust says:

    Elise OP

  123. RMattouf says:

    Graves plz !

  124. Tiopeine says:

    Jarvan IV ^^

  125. Anja L. says:


  126. Senseishun says:

    Fav Champ is Shaco but I’ll take a skin for Graves.

  127. Haluchi says:

    My fav champ is lux, and i would like to have the riot graves skin

  128. Nexxus says:


  129. Daniel says:


  130. John says:


  131. Predatorx says:


  132. WinKed says:


  133. Urosh says:

    Graves! :)

  134. Patro says:


  135. Walter says:

    Malzahar, I love those voidlings <3

  136. manizzle says:


  137. Ryan says:


  138. Psyrebel says:


  139. Anthoc says:

    My favourite will always be hecarim!

  140. Thatsonofagunn says:

    Still torn between Mundo and Taric. Mundo goes where he pleases, and I respect that, but Taric is just truly truly outrageous

  141. Zach says:


  142. Kods says:


  143. JProps says:

    Mundo!! Because he goes where he pleases

  144. chi says:

    Elise >all

  145. Grant says:

    Blitzcrank FTW. Or as I call him. CarryCrank

  146. Rayne says:

    It’s a great giveaway…if I win…

  147. DonPapus says:

    My fav is nasus :3

  148. Stephat says:


  149. william says:


  150. Wld says:

    passiveTrickster was here :D!

  151. Ariel says:

    Diana >:)

  152. BirdSpirit says:

    Anivia is my favorite. She was the first champion I ever bought and her damage is awesome.

  153. Mariusz says:

    Hope I will get one skin!

  154. pop_sha says:


  155. Will says:

    My favorite is Diana! ^___^

  156. Wayne says:

    Favorite champ is definitely Ezreal, thanks for the giveaways!


  157. Said says:


  158. Cidrpetr says:

    Graves :)) or Draven :))))

  159. Asakue says:

    Teemo, with his Manmo skin.

  160. TerJkee says:

    rammus :)

  161. TT says:

    Diana !

  162. Adidas2k11 says:


  163. Cosmin says:


  164. arejon says:

    Shyvanga was always my favourite champ .
    other cool champs are syndra,sion and Zilean.

  165. Chris says:


  166. Malokq says:


  167. Turboturk says:


  168. johnnyk says:

    graves op

  169. John says:


  170. Mrabc Webster says:

    My fav champion is diana. I’d like to get graves skin coz it looks like armored cop ;)

  171. chris says:


  172. joob says:


  173. CyphirX says:

    Katarina fav, katarina skin

  174. Rick says:


  175. Cameron Miller says:

    Fav would have to be Vi currently.

  176. Supernatural says:

    My fav champ is Volibear :)

  177. Opher says:

    My favorite champ is Master Yi

  178. vvhiteguilt says:

    Draven :3

  179. fernando says:

    wow nice i hope i can win one skin i really want a skin for my kass:P

  180. Joe B. says:

    Mordekaiser is my boy.

  181. Shirley says:

    Annie and Xin Zhao are the ones i use the most at the moment but if i were to choose between Rammus and Graves- i’d choose Graves

  182. Ivan says:

    My fav champ is lee sin but i like graves as the best adc!

  183. Vision says:

    Syndra ;)

  184. GremlinzRUs says:

    Gragas is my favorite champ, but I would love that Full Metal Rammus if I win <3

  185. thanos says:


  186. matt says:

    I hope i win!

  187. Mizurick says:

    my favorite champion is jax and i want the pax jax skin

  188. Soleil says:

    Akali yeaah!

  189. Kryptic Nemesis says:

    Fav champ is Xin

  190. Hiroshibe says:

    i Love lux <3, and i want an awsome riot graves skin =)

  191. TerJkee says:

    riot graves+riot girl tristana would be good)

  192. Micah says:

    Gotta love that Lee Singa

  193. Shadowek says:


  194. liquafool says:


  195. Daniel says:

    My favorite champion is ziggs

  196. Bob says:

    Loving Graves right now :D

  197. Lukas says:

    Xin Zhao <3

  198. Javier Garcia says:

    lux x)

  199. Tanja says:

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  200. TumblrKill says:

    Miss fortune ! Bestie ;) <3

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