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Published on March 26th, 2013 | by Malcolm Spinedi


Diablo III: PS3 Impressions (PAX East)

PAX East has come and gone, but boy oh boy the impressions it left. One such impression the first time we could play Diablo III on PS3. Much has been said on the port, but the question was always could Blizzard successfully bring this legendary PC title to consoles? After PAX, the answer very much seems to be yes.

For the demo of Diablo III, we had a choice of either the Barbarian or the Demon Hunter to play with. For the demo, I decided to cut loose with the Barbarian. The demo starts in the middle of Act 3. First thing to bring up is how they set up the controls. X gives you your basic attack, while the other three give you other attacks. L1 allows you to drink from your potions, and the other buttons are used for the other moves in your skill set. Once I got used to the button placement on controller, I found that it felt very natural and playing was a breeze, even if my form wasn’t that impressive to the Blizzard reps. To be frank, the Monk was always my preferred Diablo III fighter.

Along the way, I found out a lot of the little changes they made to it. First off, they added a dodge roll feature to the right along stick. This feature is unique to the console systems and it quickly became one of my favorite things about it. Just move the stick in the direction you want to roll, and you can get out of the way of combat. Usually a dodge roll is tied to a combination of the circle button and the left analog stick, so I loved it being one stick. On top of that, it makes exploring a little easier as you can roll through breakable objects and collect any gold that’s in it.

Speaking of item collecting, Blizzard did a lot to make collecting very simple. For all gold, all you have to do go near it and it collects. For stuff like equipment, when you go near it, the name of the item will appear with a pic of the X button. If you want it, press X. It’s that simple.

The general view of Diablo III is always close up to your character instead of a wide shot. The Blizzard reps did note that the shot would widen when co-op mode was in use so you could see all the characters. The co-op mode will allow up to 4 players to join in on the battle, a very ingenious idea on their parts.

Other than that, Blizzard was pretty mum on a lot of stuff in Diablo III, but did share some interesting tidbits with me. For instance, the decision to make the console version of Diablo III have an off-line mode came from a study from Sony, in which most owners of the Playstation don’t actually connect it to the internet, a finding I found particularly shocking. However, thanks to this the decision was also made to remove the auction house. This could help as I found myself extremely dependent on the auction house for loot instead of the game itself. This design choice could lead to a greater emphasis on grinding and fighting along side other people to fully explore everything in Diablo III. In a lot of ways, this console version could become the best version of Diablo III there is.

The console version of Diablo III is still in production, but with what I’ve seen so far I’m very excited for the finished product. Do you agree that Diablo III will be awesome? Think I’m wrong? Let us know in the comments below.

Want to find out more about Diablo III? Check out Blizzard’s website!

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