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Published on April 2nd, 2013 | by Malcolm Spinedi


LocoCycle: Interview with Jay Stuckwisch

The highly anticipated LocoCycle was front and center at PAX East. Also present were other classics from Twisted Pixel’s library including Ms. Splosion Man and Wavy Tube Man Chronicles. The Geek Link’s Malcolm Spinedi recently sat down with Twisted Pixel’s 2D Artist/Community Manager Jay Stuckwisch about LocoCycle and the future of Twisted Pixel.

LocoCycle, Jay Stuckwisch, Twisted Pixel, Ms. Splosion Man, iOS, Pablo, Malcolm,

MALCOLM: Aright I am here with Jay Stuckwisch from Twisted Pixel. So what is LocoCycle?

JAY: So Lococycle is a story about a sentient motorcycle who went a little haywire after being struck by lightning. She decides to go on a cross-country trip and attaches her mechanic Pablo to her swing arm and drags him across the country with her on her adventures.  Throughout LocoCycle you do a lot of of melee fighting, Kung Fu, and ariel fight scenes with a human being dragging behind.  Kind of a little weird but not too weird for Twisted Pixel.

MALCOLM: How long is LocoCycle?

JAY:  We’re not really announcing how long LocoCycle is yet, we’re still early in development on it. But you’re definitely going to get a good chunk of time with it. Lot of time, lot of man hours went into LocoCycle to make it look good and feel awesome.

MALCOLM: Will we have multiplayer or co-op?

JAY: This will not be multiplayer; single player only.

MALCOLM: You guys have got some nice voice actors. You got Robert Patrick, Lisa Foiles, and Freddy Rodriguez as Pablo. What was it like to work with these guys?

JAY: You know we couldn’t have picked a better crew. We reached out to these guys and we knew instantly that they were who we wanted. We reached out to them and told the idea about LocoCycle and they thought it was hilarious.

Robert Patrick was on board right away, he’s a huge motorcycle buff anyway. So he was on board definitely to be the voice of Spike.

Lisa Foiles has been a good friend of ours forever. She just had the perfect pitch and tone that we were looking for to get that robotic voice and nailed it to a T.

Freddy Rodriguez was just a treat to work with. Such an awesome guy; really willing to do whatever. He was on call whenever we needed anything for voice acting; screaming, yelling, and acting like a goofball was all perfect.  He speaks amazing Spanish and that’s what we needed.

LocoCycle, Jay Stuckwisch, Twisted Pixel, Ms. Splosion Man, iOS, Pablo, Malcolm,

MALCOLM: Now I’ve seen footage of poor Pablo. Does he ever get to actually ride the bike?

JAY: Sadly, Pablo is pretty much in tow on the back of the bike.  We do mix up some gameplay elements where you will play as Pablo at certain points to help I.R.I.S. out. But for the most part, Iris is taking Pablo along and using him as a weapon and company on her road trip.

MALCOLM: Nice! Now I’m curious, back with the game Comic Jumper, everyone at Twisted Pixel had a scene in it.  Can we expect anything like that in LocoCycle.

JAY: You know, were always looking to kind of freshen it up a bit, so we have some surprises in store but nothing that we’re really talking about too much yet.

MALCOLM: Now whats the release date for LocoCycle?

JAY: We don’t have the release date yet. We’re actually waiting on that; we’re hoping to hear back on that really soon. But as it stands right now, it’s 2013 for sure. So hopefully we can touch base on that soon.

MALCOLM: Any word on what platforms will LocoCycle be released on?

JAY: Still waiting on that.

MALCOLM: You recently brought Ms. Splosion Man to iOS. Was the port difficult?

JAY: (chuckles) Well as you and your readers know, we announced this as launching in last summer. We didn’t quite get there, but we wanted to take our time with this as our first mobile game.

So it may not have seemed easy looking in, but it was actually pretty good. We worked with Iron Galaxy in Chicago, they helped us with the Windows phone 7 and the iOS version.  So trying to get those two to look like each other, it was a little bit of a challenge.  But we think they really nailed it and did a good job with it.

MALCOLM: Now you’ve announced that Ms. Splosion Man on iOS, and The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles on Windows8. Are there any other titles you’re working on any other ports?

JAY: Not at the moment. Not that we don’t want too, it’s just that we’re so deep into LocoCycle and we just dived into another project. Mobile has been backburnered a little bit, but we still want to do some stuff (For it) Maybe entirely new content or something if we can.

MALCOLM: One more on Ms. Splosion Man; Are there any other extra features on the iOS version compared to the other ones.

JAY: Yes! In the iOS version we’re featuring in power ups, which is kind of big. You go into a store and make purchases with the coins you get during the game.

You can get select quad-core sploding, which gives you a fourth splode. Nuclear explosion, which will blow up tons of things around you. We also have sonic speed, extra armor and “Cheat on the game” as some of the purchases.

In additions, we have challenges for each level and multiple tiers of challenges which we like to call fame; in which (Ms. Splosion Man) builds up her fame level. In total we’re looking at 1500 different challenges.

MALCOLM: So after LocoCycle, what’s next for Twisted Pixel?

JAY: I think what Twisted Pixel is going to do next is jump over here and beat up these Ghostbusters. (Laughing)

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: No joke, the New Hampshire Chapter of the Ghostbusters at this point crashed the interview. One glorious battle where some streams may have been crossed, a victorious Jay continued.)

Actually, we’re full in development on another unannounced game. So we’re really, really excited about what’s coming down the pipe for Twisted Pixel and hope to be announcing something on that soon.

MALCOLM: Anything else you like to leave our listeners as far as what to expect with LocoCycle?

Jay: Just keep your eyes open. We got some more surprises coming, some new things that we’re really excited to announce, and we’re hoping to do this in the next couple of months.

MALCOLM: Alright, thanks very much.

After this interview, he sat down and gave us a a demo. Rather than describe it, why not take a look yourself? This video is courtesy of IGN.

As you can see, LocoCycle is is beyond bonkers. So bonkers that I cannot wait play it. LocoCycle plays a lot like a live action cartoon with over the top martial arts, gunplay, and racing. They do a great job with the quick time events which really add to the spectacle of LocoCycle. On top of this, they did a great job of changing up the gameplay. One second Jay was shooting at cars and the next he was fighting in the air with a 79 hit combo. Next he was barreling through a small army of suits like a bowling ball in order to rack up points. After that he was engaged in this crazy quick time event that showed I.R.I.S. riding all over a canyon and taking down a helicopter. It was sick!

So I can’t wait for LocoCycle, but what about you? Does Twisted Pixel have a winner? Leave a comment below and let us know what ya think?

 Want to learn more about LocoCycle? Check out Twisted Pixel’s official website!

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