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Published on May 14th, 2013 | by DCXM


Lost Planet 3 Preview


Lost Planet 3, published and developed by Capcom, is their third installment in the series, only this time they are doing things a bit differently. Unlike the previous two Lost Planet games where you played as nameless soldiers, mercenaries or pirates, Lost Planet 3 gives their new campaign a  protagonist -  a face, a name and a back story.



Welcome Jim Peyton to your screen! A rig pilot from Earth that left for E. D. N. III to make money so he and his family can survive back home. Peyton seems to only be interested in making fast cash so he can return home before he’s supposed to. However, in his efforts to help the NEVEC army collect the planet’s resource of Thermal Energy, things go terribly wrong.  Peyton does whatever job he can to earn enough credits to get home but he uncovers hidden truths about E. D. N. III and its history with NEVEC, thus realizing there is more going on than meets the eye. (Information obtained from Lost Planet 3‘s official website.)

Lost Planet 3 will be released on August 27, 2013 for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. The game takes a turn from its traditional shooter type to an action, adventure game. Playing in third person as Jim Peyton, this new game style allows for game play that is reminiscent of the Gears of War series. You can now take cover, shoot from behind cover, aim grenades and have up close and hand to hand combat. The game still shows the tension between the Snow Pirates and NEVEC, but now we find out why. Additional enemies include various types of Akrid; this game introduces new types such as, “Spitters” and “Fire Wasps” as shown in this game play recording by IGN.

Lost Planet 3 will also allow four mulitplayer modes and six maps at launch. Two of the game types have been revealed as Scenario and Akrid Survival. Scenario multiplayer mode enables eight players, two teams of four, to compete as NEVEC and Snow Pirates in an offensive, defensive mode where one team’s objective is to destroy something while the other team defends it.  In Akrid Survival, there are two teams of three fighting off waves of Akrid in separate areas of any given map. At the end the two teams are then brought together to fight against each other.  The below video from shows game play of  Lost Planet 3‘s two multiplayer modes in action. Don’t worry, you still get your grappling hook to get to advantage areas and grapple your enemies. However, in the single player campaign, the grapple hook will not be seen as much.


If the game play strikes you as interesting, remember to pre-order your game. Bonuses for pre-ordering Lost Planet 3 depend on which retailer you choose to pre-order from. Getting Lost Planet 3 from GameStop entitles you to the “Freedom Fighter” Pack, five playable characters for multiplayer mode and two rig upgrades. Pre-order from BestBuy includes three additional weapons and two rig upgrades. Pre-order from and get three additional weapons and two rig upgrades. Pick the location that has the coolest pre-order gear and I’ll see you in the frozen mountains of E. D. N. III, this August!

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