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Published on May 31st, 2013 | by Zach (beezn) Beason


Beezn Beats It – Super Mario Brothers

The first game console that I ever had was the NES. In 1989 my dad got it for himself and eventually became bored with it. Once it was mine I only had the one cartridge that came with it, Super Mario Brothers / Duck Hunt. Super Mario Brothers wasn’t the first game that I ever played, but it has become the one that I learned to avoid. It isn’t that I felt that it was a bad game, but rather it’s a game that I was always terrible at and could never finish. I am proud to say that I finally beat Super Mario Brothers. This is what I think about it.

Super Mario Brothers is one of those rare things that lurks in your youth like a toy in the back of a closet in your parents house and when you dig it out you are immediately overwhelmed with nostalgia. In my case, that nostalgia was always coupled with the feeling of dread that I most likely would die 3 times before I ever got to world 2. I took this challenge for two reasons;

  1. My friends still make fun of me for never beating it.
  2. So does my wife.

It’sa Me! Mario!

And so, on the eve of my 31st birthday I took at trip back in time to 1989, picked up the controller and pressed Start. Feeling pretty excited, I ran Mario at full speed into the first Goomba in the game. My wife was watching me play, providing encouragement and tips (like the warp zone locations). The moment that I died she was less encouraging and more laughing her head off. None the less, I forged ahead. I got through both worlds 1-1 and 1-2 unscathed and decided to take the warp zone to world 4-1. I managed to traverse 4-1 and 4-2 no problem taking the warp zone to world 5-1. At this point I am flipping elated. I have never been this far in all of my life. Then my luck comes crashing down at the beginning of 5-2 as I lost another life to a Bullet Bill.

At this point I am getting all to familiar with this sound.


Once I regained my composure I got up to the warp zone at the top of the beanstalk. I traveled to world 8-1. This is a long level, so many Spinys. When I get to 8-2 I am freaking out. There’s so much pressure. I have one life, no idea of whats next, and I’m confused that I haven’t hit a swimming level yet. I managed to get the 1-up in 8-2 as I dodged Bullet Bills, Buzzy Beetles, Koopa Troopas, and Piranha Plants all the way to the end. Starting Mario off on world 8-3 I was startled by the many Hammer Brothers. I was used to seeing them only on multiple platforms, not on the ground, it made getting around them more difficult. It was a little too difficult because one of those jerks hit me, I died again. I was a world away and had only one life to my name. Having learned from my misstep I was able to get through 8-3 with my one remaining life.

Please press play for ambiance. 


This Is How The World Ends.

Having never been near this part of the game before, and only having seen it once years ago as a spectator, I had no idea what I was in for. With the castle theme music playing making me more and more on edge I proceeded. The first thing I found was that now the pipes can teleport you backwards!? Where has this been? Continuing on I go through the second pipe instead, of course I try going down each pipe until I’M BACK AT THE BEGINNING AGAIN! Miyamoto, you sneaky bastard. Realizing I couldn’t trust the pipes I had to go with my gut and instead of taking the next one in order I just take the last pipe. It takes me to a new room with Cheep-Cheeps, flying fish enemies that I haven’t had to deal with at all. I’m panicking because I hate these guys and still don’t trust the pipes. I take the last one at my wife’s direction and suddenly I’m underwater. the change of music to the water theme is more jarring than the environment. I have always been terrible at water levels in Mario games but this isn’t too bad. There are only 3 Blooper squid creatures and I get past them and the rotating arms of fire to face my nemesis.

Bowser, armed heavily with throwing hammers and his impenetrable shell, takes the offensive as I approach. Throwing his hammers left and, well really just to the left as he comes closer to me. I take advantage of his hurry by slipping in between him and where his hammers actually land. This makes him even more angry as he starts to jump. I dive underneath my terrapin opponent and get off of his poorly built bridge. Grappling for footing I bump an ax that Bowser seems to have left standing, unfortunately for him it falls directly onto the main support line that holds both his bridge and himself above a giant lava pool. As the line is cut and he begins to fall, I look into his eyes and see an expression of disbelief. Disbelief that he was bested by a simple plumber named Mario Mario.


I’m already feeling the Nintendo Thumb.

My Thoughts.

As you play Super Mario Brothers, you can see why Nintendo used it to introduce people to their console. It conveys a story without having to say anything, the creatures are bad, mushrooms, fire flowers and stars are good. The music sets up the feel of the game so perfectly that when you are in a castle or cave level you feel apprehensive. That Nintendo was able to do this with Mario in 1985 is amazing. If you can I highly advise you to purchase a copy and play it on the NES or buy the game on the Wii through the Wii Store or with the WiiU or the 3DS via the eShop. If you haven’t played it before, do. If you have, go play it again.

*Editor’s note: Super Mario Brothers was played through on the Nintendo Wii.

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