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Published on June 10th, 2013 | by Malcolm Spinedi


Sony’s E3 Conference Live Blog


You could cut the excitement with a knife as we are finally at E3. The event will serve as the battleground for the industry’s two new consoles, one of which being Sony‘s PS4. DCXM is going to be handling Microsoft’s XBox One, so stay here to for all your news about the PS4 on our live blog.

Many questions will hopefully be answered. How much will Sony’s PS4 cost and when does it come out? What does the console look like? What does the Playstation Eye do? What other features will the PS4 have? How well will it work with the Vita? And most importantly, how similar is it to the XBox One? Find out the answers to these, plus the future of the Vita and PS3 by keeping with our live blog of Sony’s E3 conference. Just bookmark this page, and tune in here at 6pm PT (9pm EST) and hit refresh to keep up with the commentary on Sony’s conference. See you there.
Want to know when Sony and the other E3 conferences are taking place? Click over here!


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7 Responses to Sony’s E3 Conference Live Blog

  1. @TheGeekLink Yeah who knew? I thought the PS4 was going to be a medieval armor simulator.

  2. @TheGeekLink not to look like the Xbox one? How about that!

  3. @TheGeekLink Community shout out!

  4. @TheGeekLink I got a good laugh from it.

  5. @TheGeekLink

    And then the game crashes, ahaha.

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