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Published on July 26th, 2013 | by Troy


Battle Dragons: Dragon Strategy Coming to iOS

Ever thought playing a dragon game on your tablet would be awesome? Flying, breathing fire, stealing piles of treasure from friends, creating traps and thinking a little outside the box to reign champion? Sound fun, entertaining and like it would be something to get you through that next painful spell of boredom?  Well then take a look at Battle Dragons!

Spacetime Studios, the developers of the new feature game, Battle Dragons, is a Free-to-Play exclusive through Google Play and has now been released for Google’s latest Nexus 7 2 tablet world wide. However, Spacetime has also indicated they will be releasing Battle Dragons, for iOS in August, keep an eye out for that Apple users.

Battle Dragons’ supports several game modes such as, Player vs. Environment (PvE) and Player vs. Player (PvP) servers, and that means there is a lot of flexibility in how to play. The concept is simple: build a mighty fortress, raise a dragon army, and fight other tribes before they get to powerful; its inquisitive nature will have you busy for hours!

The main site showcases a revolving picture wheel with seven of the ten dragon types available including but not limited to:

  • Builder
  • Brawler
  • Crusher
  • Spitter
  • Healer
  • Smasher
  • Flyer

Though, Battle Dragons is currently Free-to-Play, there are options to do micro-transactions to help speed you along in your quest to dominate all! Plunder and Pillage your other local Warlords to get rewards and much needed fame to climb to the top of the leader boards. The building is simplified and easy to navigate, as is the pillaging and plundering, making the game suitable for all ages.

If tactful, dragon clan warring sounds like your cup of tea, pick up Battle Dragons and ‘scale’ your way up to become the master of them all.

For more information visit the main site at Battle Dragons or check out Spacetime Studios’ site at for more games like Battle Dragons.

Let us know what you guys think about Battle Dragons in the comments below, for better or worse.

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