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Published on August 2nd, 2013 | by Malcolm Spinedi


Firmware Update 0.54: The One Man Band!

Firmware Update this week features an amazing first. Joe Garcia is off handling Horsemen business on the Stealthy Box front, so it’s up to Malcolm to handle the show solo. Will he be able to handle the show by himself? Sit back and enjoy as he tries.

Talking points: Killzone is becoming an awesome franchise, Malcolm goes dumpster diving to bring you a podcast, Firmware Update gets another emailer, Sony gets some money, Batman Arkham Origins Multiplayer looks good, people sure do love that Gran Turismo 6 demo, the greatest failure ever gets a sequel, many games get many sequels, BS next gen console release dates, and Malcolm loves Demon’s Souls.

Want to check out that video on the PS4 questions talked about on the Firmware Update? Click here!

Your Hosts:

Malcolm Spinedi: (@CowardDuck)

Joe Garcia: (@Wons23)


Intro - “Eyes on the Prize” by George and Jonathan

Outro -  “No More Lies” by George and Jonathan

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