PAX Prime 2013 League of Legends

Published on August 31st, 2013 | by smikey1123


League of Legends PAX Prime 2013 Skin Giveaway

League of Legends is the hottest game around. People swarm the game’s booth at conventions and watch stream of nearly anyone who plays. It has gotten to the point where the championship game for this years finals will be held in the Staples Center in L.A. Well, our intrepid team on the ground at PAX has secured two skins to giveaway to our readers. One Arcane Hecarim and one Riot Blitzcrank. We will have one winner per skin, with winners being picked on Wednesday, September 4th.  If you would like to enter, just fill out the form below.

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For extra chances to win, listen to The Geek Link Podcast Episodes 79 and 80. The crew at PAX is giving out some codes themselves and you have to listen to win.

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198 Responses to League of Legends PAX Prime 2013 Skin Giveaway

  1. chriss says:

    Arcade Hecarim

  2. Kraddy says:


  3. Santiarbeca says:


  4. Mudassar says:


  5. Assen says:


  6. caod123 says:


  7. Dusan says:

    Riot Blitzcrank

  8. Nemanjamg says:


  9. supernatural says:

    My favorite champion is Sejuani, she can bring the most inro a teamfight and teamfights win games :)

  10. dogtor says:

    riven changes :(

  11. Acechu says:

    Arcade hec HEc HEcarim

  12. katsuko says:

    I want a Riot Blitzcrank!

  13. panda says:


  14. lalala says:

    kha’ zix at the moment

  15. Did says:

    Annie, easily.

  16. Nathan says:

    Lee Sin!

  17. krepo me smara says:


  18. Richard says:

    arcade hecarim

  19. Diego says:

    Quiero una Blitzcrank Riot!! :))

  20. Tony says:

    Zyra is my favorite :)

  21. Mattouf says:

    Arcade Hecarim !

  22. Greegga says:

    Volibear, cause who don’t like polar bears?

  23. mtzovsky says:

    ZED !

  24. Vincent says:

    Fizz ^_^

  25. Kyle Lung says:

    I like Riit Blitzcrank because his grab is something police would want in a chase!

  26. mark says:

    Blitz ftw! love that sirene!

  27. John says:


  28. Ryan says:

    Thresh, that massive utility and versatility

  29. Alex Blake says:

    My Fav Champ is Draaaaven x3

  30. mrtoshio says:


  31. James Lee says:

    Blitzcrank, hands down <3

  32. dustin says:

    thanks for chance at these skins! :)

  33. Ville says:

    My fav champ is Nautilius.

  34. Ross says:

    Arcade Hecarim. Rainbow Unicorn goooo!

  35. Eemil Smolander says:

    riot blitzy!

  36. Neil says:

    Anivia! But if you mean which skin I would like if i win, then blitz please :)

  37. Imperator TM says:

    twisted fate because of his dance

  38. Erik Shepard says:

    Renekton, my fav! :)

  39. kla says:


  40. Discogs says:


  41. xMissingName says:


  42. Grim Remilia says:


  43. HardStyler says:

    Garen ’cause DEMACIA!!!!!!!

  44. Urtty says:

    Singed, because flippy flappy poison happy.

  45. Jose says:


  46. Chris says:

    Hecarim, cause weeeehhaa!

  47. Teia says:


  48. SuSpiCI0uS says:

    Varus es numero uno

  49. Opher says:

    Either of them would be great!

  50. Rodri says:


  51. ali says:

    Zed is da best :!!!

  52. LiCuKi says:

    Both are mine!

  53. Amrio says:

    Pony Hecarim and Wooden machine Blitz!

  54. ayhan says:

    i made 8/8 entries earned.but no any codes.why?what can i do?

    • smikey1123 says:

      That is because this is a raffle and not a code generator. You don’t get the codes solely because you enter. You have to wait until the contest is done and then there will be a drawing. You have more chances to win with more entries you do.

  55. eclait says:

    thaks for the giveaway

  56. Guu says:

    Forever Elise

  57. Tom Gould says:

    Lee Sin

  58. Suzanne says:


  59. Tony says:

    Great Giveaway!

  60. Sharow says:


  61. Kyr3Buu says:

    I want Arcade Hecarim! :C

  62. NuNuNYC says:


  63. Eric Gold says:

    I finna win Thresh.

  64. scumbagkrepo says:


  65. Amrosy says:


  66. zMandingo says:

    My favorite champion is the king of monkeys, Wukong.

  67. kainalexious says:


  68. Blinkmn says:

    Riot BlitzCrank please.

  69. Ledulth says:


  70. Xara Christ says:


  71. William says:

    Zac, best jungler ever!

  72. Rich says:

    Cmon Riot blitz :)

  73. Jesse says:

    Arcade Hec is awesome !!!!

  74. Robert says:


  75. Nark says:

    Arcade Hecarim~

  76. GiausTheWise says:

    I’m probably not going to win as I never do with these things, I’ll give it a go anyway though.

  77. Jack says:


  78. jacki says:

    arcade hecarim is the best

  79. nicolay tt says:

    i want arcade heca so much :D

  80. Lags109 says:

    Pls Arcade hecarim and Riot blitz

  81. kadafialladyn says:

    pls HECARIM the pony grim :D

  82. orz says:

    My favorite champ is Ziggs! Ever since the first time I played with him his manic attitude and his playstyle put a smile to my face. I’ll rarely feel bad anytime I play Ziggs even if I’m losing.

  83. mali says:

    my favorite champ kha’zix cause he is the best assasin in the game

  84. Andrea says:

    Riot Blitzcrank!!

  85. zazone says:

    Arcade hecarim :)

  86. kazım says:

    Riot Blitzcrank!!

  87. Adamsekkk says:


  88. Frederik Pedersen says:

    My favourite champion is Lulu ;I mby

  89. Adrian says:

    Thresh – the most fun support

  90. Diego says:


  91. TwiXSeby says:

    Totally Fizz , squishy OP little fish :)

  92. UnUnicornio says:


  93. Gutortiz says:


  94. tekikilleur says:

    Blitz op

  95. Crystal says:

    Anivia. Dat burst O.O

  96. juancarlos2992 says:


  97. polyvios says:

    arcade hecarim cuz its super fabulous!

  98. Andre says:

    Lee Sin

  99. Rafael says:

    Blitz !!! :D

  100. Ronny K says:

    My favorite champion is Kennen.

  101. AvengerAqua says:


  102. Marcus says:


  103. k3nplyer says:


  104. killua says:

    riot blitzcrank ftw

  105. Meh says:

    Arcade Hecarim

  106. Nihaaw says:

    I need one heca

  107. Mania7a says:

    Ahri.. such a mobile assasin

  108. Fuji says:


  109. Michael says:

    Twisted Fate

  110. Slavik Ribz says:

    Hecarim all the way!

  111. MikeKool says:

    Riot Blitz

  112. Philippe says:

    Arcade Hecarim, really wanna have the my little hecapony skin <3

  113. PaX unDa says:

    the awesome Arcade Hecarim

  114. ALejandro says:

    Zed \m/

  115. Alex says:

    I need these skins!!

  116. Roberto says:

    Hecarim :3

  117. sam says:

    i would like a skin

  118. Lily says:

    Lulu, obviously!

  119. Wolfgar69 says:

    My favorite champion is Draven!

  120. Reckes says:


  121. Elyaesin says:


  122. Padinjak says:

    Hecarim POWER!

  123. Pedro says:

    arcane hecarim

  124. bruno rodrigues says:


  125. Momchil says:


  126. Twistedfate says:

    Twisted Fate

  127. sabsonna says:

    arcade hecarim <3

  128. Adk16LOL says:


  129. David Ponte says:

    This is 4 me!

  130. Arcade hecarim, just like robot unicorn atack *-*

  131. Julian Battes says:


  132. Hristo says:

    Lee sin <3

  133. MidNight74 says:

    Hecarim and Blitz

    If you know what I mean :D

  134. P.M. says:

    I really want that blitz skin

  135. Tadek says:

    Teemo op :D

  136. bladeJr says:

    Zed. The unseen blade is the deadliest.

  137. Mika says:

    My fave champ is definitely Lulu!

  138. HueHue says:


  139. HueHueHue says:

    HECARIM is so fcking awesome oh my god

  140. damnjan says:


  141. ege sanal says:

    arcade hecarim

  142. luciferyon says:


  143. Anthony Benedetto says:


  144. sinue says:

    hecarim =D

  145. Alex says:

    Kog’Maw! /dance

  146. Berkay says:

    karma :D

  147. Çağla says:

    i think its darius :D

  148. Hiyoko Hime says:

    Riot Blitzcrank

  149. Can says:

    I play mostly Morgana

  150. Addrenaline says:

    Hecarim, with arcade skin of course. thats why i comment and enter the giveaway, im looking for my chance to win this.

  151. nazaron says:


  152. Maciej Kaszubowski says:


  153. Urox says:

    Last season it was Riven she is rly fun to play.
    This season after i transfered to mid it was pre nerf Diana (op like hell) no i rly enjoy Ahri.

  154. John says:

    Hecarim !

  155. Jakub Idźkowski says:


  156. Rayco says:


  157. Coste says:

    I like fizz , good asasin with high mobility

  158. wendt says:

    ashe,was my first champion
    main role is adc)

  159. agustin gomez says:

    Hecarim, only champ i use in jungle

  160. Felipe Ordoñez says:

    Yeah, skins Bitch!

  161. Ahmed says:


  162. Guigui says:


  163. claudia says:

    arcade hecarim ofc :D

  164. Kiyo says:


  165. bastian says:


  166. Zetsumei422 says:

    teemo op :D

  167. smikey1123 says:

    Congratulations to zerthin and CarlosAugusto T. for winning the giveaway. They have 24 hours to reply to the messages that were sent to them to claim their prizes or a new winner will be announced. If you didn’t win, fear not. We have more giveaways coming soon…. like as soon as I finish typing this message. You may like it ;)

    • Zerthin says:

      Hah! Still can’t believe I won =D

      I’m hoping that I replied to message properly as twitter doesn’t support private messages to somebody that doesn’t follow you back.

    • smikey1123 says:

      Well, since one of the winners didn’t respond. Mary A. is the new winner. she will have until 11:59 PM EST to respond to the email to claim the Arcane Hecarim.

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