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Published on September 1st, 2013 | by Malcolm Spinedi


VVVVVV announced for PS Vita

The indie games for Sony rolls on as Nicalis announced that their PC title VVVVVV will be coming to the PS VVVVVVita. My apologies, that’s the last time that joke will be used.

Tyrone Ridriguez from Nicalis talks more about VVVVVV‘s interesting gameplay.

“What’s this VVVVVV I speak of? Thought up by professional nice guy and game designer Terry Cavanagh, VVVVVV is a game where you’ll die a lot. Yes, I know it sounds like 1001 Spikes, and I know that it has lots of spikes, but it’s a totally different game. Stick with me, I promise this will be awesome.

So VVVVVV. I’ve never been one for spoilers, but the story goes something like this: you’re Captain Viridian (like the color) and you, your ship, and your crew are stranded in some crazy alternate dimension that, of course, is in the process of imploding. Of course it is. Your crew has been lost in this weird dimension and you’re the leader; it’s your job to go find them and maybe save the dimension. Maybe. That’s all I’m going to give you as far as the story.

The play is where VVVVVV will really trap you and keep you hooked. There’s no shooting, and there’s not even a real jump button. Instead, you can move left or right, and you can invert Captain Viridian’s gravity. This is the main play mechanic, and also how you’ll solve puzzles and navigate through the game world. Pressing the X button while on the ground or ceiling will cause Viridian to spontaneously ascend or descend. While airborne, Viridian can move left and right as well. It might sound like a jump, but it’s not. You’ll literally stick to ceilings, which will technically become the floor.”

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No release date has been announced for VVVVVV, but stay tuned to Geek Link for more info.

You can also follow Nicalis on twitter for more info on VVVVVV!

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