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Published on September 11th, 2013 | by Xalaga


A Day With the PlayStation 4: Reality Check…

Oh, wow! The new video that came out at SCEJA’s Press Conference nearly made me cancel my Xbox One pre-order. With this type of interactivity, and amazing game play, plus sharing, there will be no time to play with the Xbox One. Until, I start to look at the commercial closer…


The video reads (thanks to Google Translate) “Closing video Combining the daily life and network jump out the living, life game of “PlayStation” will continue to spread. Surprise and excitement born game and people, between people “lead” by. New gaming experience, with a new game console.”

It opens with a guy playing the PlayStation 4, but then he hits the share button and a friend of his gets it on his phone.

PlayStationReality Check: The phone used is a “Docomo X” an Xperia phone created by Sony. The good news is that is an Android based device, that might be using Android OS, v2.3 (Gingerbread). So there is hope for us Android users to be able to use this application once the PS4 comes out. Sadly, as history has taught me, and Popcap releasing “Plant Vs Zombie 2” ONLY on iOS devices, I’m not holding my breath on being able to do this right away. Currently, Playstation Mobile only works on Galaxy phones , (here is a list of the available phones and tablets Playstation Mobile works with) and even though I have an Android running Jelly Bean (Gingerbread was 3 OS before Jelly Bean) the application won’t run correctly on my phone, and no efforts to update it have been made. My vote on this is that I won’t be able to use this feature, and most likely, it will be exclusive to Sony phones, at least for a while.

PS4 game placed on pause. Being able to access game on your Vita while you are at your school lunch time:

Reality check: Most of Asia has an amazing infrastructure when it comes to PlayStationinternet. No matter where you are, you can find wi-fi or an internet connection of any kind. Sadly, our internet is at least 20 years behind from what they have.  Japan is special, in that, they have speeds we can only dream off, while we look like we are still in 14k modems. Also, we gamers lost our mind when the Xbox One announced a 24hr check in for the system, knowing full well that not many people have a good connection or connection at all to the internet. How many Americans won’t be able to use this feature? For me, being able to do this would only work when I am home and someone wants to use the TV. Great! No problems there right? Well, let me rain some more on your parade. The WiiU is also able to do the same thing, but it is only on **SPECIFIC GAMES.** Meaning, I can’t play ZombieU on the little screen if I want, and New Mario Bros. U just mimics the TV screen at all times. My hope is that this system will be better and not limited to specific games like “Knack” which is the game shown here for this particular demo. Perhaps Google Fiber will stop being a dream and we will get the internet we deserve in the years to come.

Playstation Vita Tv

PlayStationReality check: I’m just not convinced about it yet. For the approximate price of $100 for 1GB, or about $150 for the 8GB version, this Japan only release of the device left me feeling a bit deflated. Yes, if you can save up another $100 and get yourself a Vita, I guess I can see the use of it. Portability to take it to a classroom a play? Sure! But lets be honest. Everything now a days can play Netflix and/or some sort of movie streaming player. Other apps seem weird running in this device. The only argument I have heard that made some sense, was made by our very own Malcom Spineddi, that said “I would be able to screen capture and record Vita game play for walkthroughs to post on YouTube.” Is it worth the extra money for it? I guess time will tell. Perhaps we don’t have to worry about it and it will never see a USA release.

The equivalent of a Gaming Flashmob tournament.

PlayStationReality check: So ok, Ustream will be handling this portion of the sharing part of the, well, share button. Not only will you be able to see the competition on your PS4, but Tablets as well as posting on Facebook and twitter. Neat! My concern is that, with everyone having that capability at the touch of a button, all I can think of is that you should “brace yourself, because sharing is coming.” Finding your friends feeds without a direct link, most likely will be a nightmare. I know I’m a minority in this, as MLG and League of Legends competitions get more and more viewers, but I like to play games, not watch other people play. I’m sure I might give this feature a go, once or twice, to show the world how awful I am at whatever game I am currently playing. Mainly it will be only to say “I tried it, did it once, will sit there collecting dust. Like my WiiU.”

In conclusion, yes, I’m probably being super nit picky, but years of experience and promises never really fulfilled from the previous generation, has taught me that all this video really means nothing. To be fair, the video is intended for the Asian market, which is a very different market and culture than ours. All these “sitcom” scenarios that we saw in the video, is really possible over there. I can not help to be mesmerized and excited about what is in the video, if all of it did work the way the show it. But knowing the limitation we all posses, it is hard to get excited about it. I hope they make a US version of this video so we can see how different it might all play out for us.


Edit:  This edit is simply to add this video that we found from Gamesis that we thought was funny and on par to what our concerns are.  We really want to thank our community and readers for the tons of comments on this site, twitter, reddit, N4G, etc. Positive and negative. We really wanted to open a dialogue and it has happened.  Thank you guys for being such an awesome community.


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22 Responses to A Day With the PlayStation 4: Reality Check…

  1. Jim Layhe says:

    meh… these “reality checks” don’t really spice up any insight to not want to go forth with Sony. I mean.. every single one of these can be debunked with simple answers… but you do make some valid points, especially because sometimes “giving too much” can be a bad thing when they don’t always work out ideally. but then again… Nothing in this world is Ideal. =)

    • Xalaga says:

      You are right. Nothing in the world is ideal. Just sucks when they paint such a beautiful picture, and we only get 10% of it. But again, Im fully being pessimistic on this so when the PS4 comes out and is on my hands, my mind will be blown by its awesomeness. I just concern as a jaded gamer that has been promised the world, and only given a trip to the park before.

      • ThePokeMaster says:

        You are confusing PlayStation Mobile with the upcoming PlayStation App. They’re two different things. And Sony already confirmed that it will work with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Not just Sony phones.
        Do your research.

        And PS Vita TV is more than just a Netflix or Hulu device.
        It plays Vita, PSP, PS1 and PS4 games via Remote Play, anywhere.

        • Xalaga says:

          I am aware of the announcement, but still the issue of different phones, android os versions, etc. They are games/apps that wont work in ALL phones. Some are specific for a version of iOS, for example. So my concern is “will it work in current phones, or do we have to update to the newer wave of phones to have this to work/” That is all.

          About the PSV TV, I’ll say it again, im just not the market for it and im fully aware of that. I just question how useful it will be for someone that already has a vita and a PS3/PS4. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what happens with it.

  2. MartinB105 says:

    It may be worth noting that Wii U isn’t comparable to Vita’s PS4 Remote Play. The Wii U is the equivalent of a dual-headed system (i.e. a computer with two independent display outputs), whilst the PS4 Remote Play is an OS feature that mimics the primary display over a network connection as a substitute for the TV.

    The implication here is that Wii U games must be designed specifically with off-TV play in mind, whilst PS4 Remote Play allows any PS4 game to be played on the Vita (at least, subject to required input hardware – Move games obviously won’t work). The developers shouldn’t even need to think about this as the feature and necessary hardware to support it is embedded within the PS4 OS.

    • Xalaga says:

      You are correct. The Vita and the PS4 should work much better. They are still valid concerns as to how, since they haven’t really show us how is going to work. This video, that is not even intended for us, is the closest that shows how it might work. Really good point though. Thanks :D

      • MartinB105 says:

        My understanding is that it works the same way as OnLive and Gaikai work, hence one of the reasons that Sony bought Gaikai in the first place.

        The PS4 will essentially act as your own personal Gaikai server and the Vita will act as your Gaikai client. Obviously they don’t call it Gaikai in the Remote Play context, but the underlying technology in PS4 Remote Play is based on Gaikai (Sony have actually said this).

        The downside of course is latency, especially when you’re doing remote play over the Internet. I’m hoping to use this to remote play my PS4 in the Netherlands from my parents home in the UK, but it remains to be seen how viable it is to game over such a distance.

        • Xalaga says:

          I know you might forget by then, but can you keep us posted on your experiment? It would be interesting to see how well will it work from such a vast distance. Here i am concern about been 45 mins to an hr away from home and able to connect. You are doing Netherlands to UK. You win! :)

          • MartinB105 says:

            I’ve bookmarked this page to remind myself, but the earliest opportunity I’m likely to get to try it will be September 2014, assuming the Vita TV is out in Europe by then.

  3. cozomel says:

    Damn, hate much?, Now lets hear what you think of the X1, i bet’cha its not nearly as pessimistic. Fanboyism is ridiculous!

    • Xalaga says:

      Sorry Cozomel that you feel that way. Im a gamer. I own all of them, including the Wii U, which is why I feel so bold as to use them in my articles and compare my experience with them. With that said, those are my experience and why this article is more of a editorial where i voice some of my concerns, that im hoping in the near future, they will all be squished like a bug.

      And no, im not an X1 or PS4 fanboy. I have pre-order both and i love them both equally ;)

  4. Duke says:

    Let me help paint a picture for each point:

    1) the playstation app is confirmed as coming to andoird and iOS. Sony would be foolish in 2013 to not have an app that doesnt work on the 2 most popular mobile OS’ in the world. They talked about this at E3. most of the streaming would be server side so all the phone’s app would need is a good connection.

    2) the remote play feature simply requires an internet connection at home, and where ever your vita is. we dont need google fiber (although it would certainly help) in order to accomplish that feature. again, mostly server side.

    3) as for the vita TV, as it is being introduced now as a way to alleviate having to share a main tv at home, it’s the bigger picture we are looking at here, using a Dualshock 4 and a vita tv you can remote play a ps4 on another tv. right now this only works on a local network, but once gaikai is up and running it could evolve into a cloud based remote play similar to how the vita will work. that’s what i feel the true purpose is.

    • Xalaga says:

      point 1: you are spot on. It would be foolish not to do it. But my concern is that, just like Gaikai, it gets push back to an undefined time. Again, I am been pessimistic for this article, and i can only questions this things since we don’t have a concrete dates for any of this functions.

      Point 2: I don’t leave in a small city, and I worried that I wont find enough wi-fi locations to be able to do this. I don’t go to Starbucks and or Mc Donalds, so my “free wi-fi can be limiting, since you cant find wi-fi, say, in target. But this most likely be only a problem for people like me, and people that leave in rural areas, where Wi-fi is a major issue.

      Point 3: true. I will stay hopeful about the PSV TV, but Im not their market, and I will fully admit that.

      • phil says:

        I share your concern about wifi or high speed internet availability, I myself live in a rural area and and high speed internet is just plain unavailable. That said I think its a next gen issue and not just a ps4 issue look at how much the xbox one relies on a strong internet infrostructure!

        If the cloud works the way ms claim then my games won’t look their best if I have no fast internet. If I want my games looking as advertised I need to stick with ps4. Ms shot themselves in the toe there

        • Xalaga says:

          See? People like you is what i am worried about with this feature. So yeah, MS hasnt done a great job either, but i was really trying to focus on just PS4 the best I could, thus not to turn the editorial in a console war. I failed when i mention X1 DRM though.

          The PS4 seems like the smart purchase at this time. No matter how i try to justified my X1 pre-order. I ask myself every day “You have a Ps4 and an X1 one pre-ordered….why the X1 again?” And i keep just….waiting and putting the cancellation for perhaps another day. Sad really. I love both! PS3 and 360.

          • phil says:

            I think you misunderstood my intent I wasn’t trying to start a console tiff or chastize anyone for choosing a side I was just pointing out that the internet issue is one that effects both consoles and picking one out to view it as a problem seems a little short sighted. Like I said its a next gen issue

  5. Billy Bob says:

    First of all, that app that you think will only work on Sony phones has been confirmed to be coming to IOS and all Android phones. Second, remote play on the vita has been shown to work. There isn’t anything skeptical about it. Third, they never said that VitaTV wasn’t coming to NA. But even if it wasn’t, Japan isn’t getting the PS4 this year, so at least they will have something. I think that you only care about it because its another thing to rant about. Fourth, I don’t know why you think Ustream will be handling the share button, because it wont be. When you push the Share Button, you can upload to Youtube, Facebook, a local Hard Drive, or a few other places where it would be easier to show it directly to your friend. (but what’s easier than youtube?) Ustream is for streaming live game feed to thousands of people. But even then, you could still use Twitch, which will be coming to the PS4 along with Ustream. I don’t mean to come across as rude, but you are going to put information out there, you must make sure its accurate.

    • Xalaga says:

      I dont think you are rude. You do have some valid points.
      The App: I was only basing it on the Playstation Mobile, I have now added the list of the phones and tablets it will work for. This is something different though, and as i have comented before “But my concern is that, just like Gaikai, it gets push back to an undefined time. Again, I am been pessimistic for this article, and i can only questions this things since we don’t have a concrete dates for any of this functions.”

      Remote play: yes it works, but is more about really remote play, where you log on to a wi-fi connection somewhere, and you are able to connect with your PS4 at home. My experience in my are with most Wi-fi is that they are slow, and wont be able to handle the connection. With that said, it is suppose to be all done server side, so we might just need the wi-fi to do the handshake. It hasnt made clear yet.

      Vita tv: true, they haven’t said that isn’t coming, but we don’t have a release date, or anything saying, at this time, that is coming to NA. Is exclusive to Asia. You are also right, they deserve it since Sony decided to give it to us instead of them. which is odd, as historically, Asia loves their Sony products and usually are first. Bold move I say, and it might pay off.

      Share: I only mention Ustream because is what we can see in the video. that is the only reason why i single them out.

      This is an editorial. Is me, basing my concerns as a gamer, based on my cities limitation, my personal limitations, and so on so fort. Not to be taken as information and/facts. Is opinion.

      Thank you so much for your reply though. You did bring a lot of good points :)

  6. Rider says:

    The thing is that the remote play capability is ment to work vía wi fi, I you can’t get a hold of an Internet connection that is entirely your/our problem, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, it just means that you/we simply don’t have what’s necessary to experience it.

    And it’s not the same situation it was with xbox one regarding the DMR because the remote play is entirely optional, with xbox Internet connection was mandatory in order to play games.

    • Xalaga says:

      I just wanted to point out that is one hell of a cool feature, that some Americans wont be able to enjoy since our public wi-fi is slow and/or unreliable.

  7. jfito says:

    .. Glad I’m a iPhone user cuz ugh! I hate android phones.

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