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Animal Crossing New Leaf Halloween Guide

Candy! Pumpkins! Maybe even a little scare here and there and you have got the ingredients for a fun and fantastic Halloween night. But if you are like me, you are too old to knock on strangers doors asking for candy (they give you that look of “you could have saved yourself some trouble by driving to the store and picking up your own bag of candy…”) so the only way to re-live, “the good ol’ days” is through your 3DS with, Animal Crossing New Leaf.

Now, I know some of you have decided against time travel in your games and more power to you! I however will be spending my Hallow’s Eve watching candy riddled children who will, in turn, entertain me with their crazy antics. So I have played through my Halloween night at leisure to insure I didn’t miss out on another big event. Let us just get it out of the way now, there are SPOILERS. If you have kept reading thus far, I will give you one hint without revealing anything – do not wear clothes you really like and do not have anything non-Halloween related in you pockets. From here on out, everything will be described with detail – this is a guide to help get the most out your Halloween night in Animal Crossing. Topics to discuss are:



Spooky Furniture


Creepy Furniture

Candy vs Lollipops



Animal Crossing

Who is Jack? Well, he’s the guy who gives you the task of getting all the candy you can to earn new items. Also, they can only be earned from him! He is the Spooky Spook himself, Jack. But be careful, even though you are dressed up as a skeleton or a mummy, everyone else pretends to be Jack and will try to trick you into giving them candy or you will get a trick played on you.

Jack has a simple request, he wants you to bring candy to him. Candy can be earned in three ways: from Timmy and Tommy at their store for 400 Bells, from other trick or treaters, or by going and knocking on doors of towns people who are not out collecting candy and trying to scare them with your costume. If you fail to give Jack any candy when he sees you, he will play a trick/prank on you! Either you will end up with an item in your pocket you didn’t have before or you will have your clothing changed. But Jack isn’t the only one who pranks you. Other towns people will play tricks if you lose their games, so it is important to keep your pockets with only candy in them and wear clothing that you are okay with losing.

Giving Jack his desired candy – he likes regular candy but he LOVES lollipops. Regular candy will earn “Spooky Furniture” or a Scary Mask. A Lollipop will earn “Creepy Furniture”. There are a lot of things to collect in a short amount of time, thankfully the game gives ample time and opportunities to meet up with Jack to get all the furniture and costumes gamers desire.


 Spooky Furniture

Animal Crossing

We will start off a few days before Halloween with discussion on the “Spooky Furniture”. Visit Timmy and Tommy and throughout the month of October you will find that they are selling “Spooky Furniture” which is all the pumpkin furniture that looks like Jack. You can buy one of the eleven pieces of furniture, daily, from Timmy & Tommy for 4,124 Bells. There is also a “Spooky Floor” and “Spooky Wall” so there are 13 pieces to the “Spooky Set” in total. The above picture is missing one item from it, the “Spooky Wall Lamp” but other than that everything else is presented.

Now there is another way to get the “Spooky Furniture” without having to buy it from Timmy & Tommy – you can earn it from Jack on Halloween night. If you give Jack regular candy, not lollipops, he will give you a choice for furniture or a scary mask, the furniture you get from this is also the “Spooky Furniture”. So don’t worry if you cannot collect the entire set before Halloween night, Jack will hook you up if you supply him with a regular candy. Candy can be purchased cheaper than the furniture from Timmy & Tommy daily for 400 Bells. (Candy can also be earned on Halloween night so there is no need to purchase it if you do not want to.)

Spooky Furniture Names
  1. Spooky Table
  2. Spooky Sofa
  3. Spooky Bookcase
  4. Spooky Chair
  5. Spooky Bed
  6. Spooky Dresser
  7. Spooky Clock
  8. Spooky Wardrobe
  9. Spooky Vanity
  10. Spooky Lamp
  11. Spooky Wall Lamp
  12. Spooky Wall
  13. Spooky Floor




As you can see from the images above, there are six costumes or masks that are available to collect and use on Halloween night. Jack will write you a letter reminding you of Halloween and give you your first mask for free (at this point you should have already received it). Animal Crossing allows for players to purchase the masks prior to Halloween by purchasing them from the Able Sister’s store, specifically from Labelle. Purchasing the masks from Labelle will cost 1, 031 Bells each.

There is another way to obtain the masks just like there is another way to get the “Spooky Furniture” — you have to find Jack on Halloween and ask for the masks instead of furniture when you give him the standard candy. Unfortunately, he doesn’t give the masks or furniture out in any particular order, you could get the same item repeatedly trying to find the pieces you are missing (four Skeleton masks later I finally got the Werewolf mask).

So what are the masks for exactly? Well you wouldn’t go around asking people for candy without some sort of costume right? Same thing applies here, however the object is to go in the houses of your neighbors and scare them into giving you a lollipop rather than the standard candy. If you successfully find what each neighbor is scared of they will give you a rare lollipop which you can either eat, give to Jack, or save for later. You only receive one lollipop per successful scare so spend them wisely.

Halloween Mask Names
  1. Ghost Mask
  2. Monster Mask
  3. Mummy Mask
  4. Bug Mask
  5. Werewolf Mask
  6. Skeleton Mask

Creepy Furniture

Animal Crossing

Creepy Furniture is only obtained by giving lollipops to Jack. There are eight pieces of furniture, ten including the floor and wall. I did find that if I asked for furniture from Jack then next time I asked for a mask, then asked for furniture and alternated, every other time I asked for furniture with regular candy, Jack would still give me a “Creepy Furniture” piece.

Creepy Furniture
  1. Creepy Statue
  2. Creepy Crystal
  3. Creepy Bat Stone
  4. Creepy Clock
  5. Creepy coffin
  6. Creepy Stone
  7. Creepy Cauldron
  8. Creepy Skeleton
  9. Creepy Floor
  10. Creepy Wall


 Candy vs. Lollipops

Animal Crossing

On Halloween night, once the sun starts to set, you will be able to dress up in one of your many costumes and go Trick-or-Treating. In Animal Crossing you will encounter many Jack look a likes as you roam your town looking for the real Jack, however, running into one of your neighbors that is dressed as Jack has its benefits. When a neighbor encounters you, you can either choose to give them candy or deny them their candy. If you offer them a candy the will divulge information to you about your neighbors as to who is afraid of what kind of mask — this is helpful if you want to earn a lollipop from your neighbors instead of a candy.

If you choose to deny the Jack imposter candy, they will then offer a game to play to try and win a piece of candy. If you lose the game, your neighbor will play a trick on you, such as change your clothing or items in your pocket into something you don’t want, or give you a wall or floor item that you will have to pay a fee for disposing at Re-Tail. It is very important to wear clothes you don’t mind loosing and to have empty pockets with the exception to candy. Your neighbors will play three types of games with you: Charades; Rock, Paper, Scissor; or Direction. If you win these games, you win a standard candy from the towns people.

Animal Crossing Animal Crossing

Now, to earn a lollipop takes a little bit of thought. You must enter one of the houses that has someone in it and try to scare them with one of your masks. If they are afraid of what they see they will give you a lollipop and ask you to leave because they are so terrified. So now that you have found your lollipop, it is time to find Jack! But here is the thing, there are only a few of the towns people who stay in their house while the rest go out looking for candy, how do you get lollipops from those that are out trick-or-treating? A simple save and quit, then start the game again, reset the neighbors and put random ones outside and inside once the game restarted. This allowed for getting all the “Creepy Furniture” from Jack.

How long did Halloween last? It starts at Dusk and I finished collecting everything after 9P.M. in my town, that gave me plenty of time to finish collecting the rest of the “Spooky Furniture” I didn’t have and collect all the “Creepy Furniture” as well as all the masks.

There are a few other items that can be collected from the neighbors as they play tricks on you but I will leave those as surprises if you happen to come across them, enjoy your Halloween! Don’t let the fake Jacks steal all your candy!

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing on The Geek Link! Episode 51

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