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Published on November 6th, 2013 | by Ghost_117


LocoCycle Is Bringing the Crazy In A New Live Action Trailer

The crazed minds over at Twisted Pixel have come up with some interesting games for this generation. The Maw. Splosion Man. The Gunstringer. Ms. Splosion Man. Each game has its own strange sense of humor and interesting game mechanics and LocoCycle seems to be keeping up with the tradition of dementedness and ingenuity as well as having different takes on established genres. In LocoCycle’s case, motorcycle racing is the next genre to be experimented with. Well, with a new twist on a genre and a new game comes a new live action trailer, featuring some big names from Hollywood.

The trailer uses actors to introduce potential players to IRIS (voiced by Lisa Foiles), the main character of the game, James Gunn as the CEO of the company that invented her, and Freddy Rodriguez as the unfortunate Pablo, who has found himself stuck to IRIS as she goes out to stop the evil SPIKE (voiced by Robert Patrick ) and the Big Arms weapons dealers, all while having poor Pablo dragged along for the whole psychotic mission.

LocoCycle James Gunn

Game developers do not usually get to tap into such high caliber actors and directors, so why not have them have fun in a silly live action trailer? Legacy Effects was brought in to make full scale models of the two motorcycles and the bikes looked just as slick as their virtual counterparts. Plus, this isn’t the first time big name actors have been used in video game trailers, and presumably will not be the last. Big names such as Megan Fox and Robert Downey Jr. have been in Call of Duty trailers and Robin Williams and his daughter Zelda starred in a trailer for the release of Ocarina of Time 3D. What makes this particular trailer more interesting is that Gunn was pulled from mega million film Guardians of the Galaxy to help star in the trailer with Tom Savini and the previous mentioned Freddy Rodriguez.

LocoCycle is set to be a launch title for the Xbox One and will appear on Xbox 360. Both will be available for purchase alongside their respective system on November 22 for $19.99.


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