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Published on November 9th, 2013 | by Malcolm Spinedi


Firmware Update 0.68: Only a Week Away…

Firmware Update this week faces it’s biggest challenge to date; containing their excitement over the fact that the PS4 is only 7 days away and counting. With greatness only a week away, will they be able to last?

Talking Points: The boys attempt to talk about all 1,197 cars from Gran Turismo 6, Sony continues to spoils us by giving us 3 additional freebies at launch, Vita gets an update that allows for Remote Play, a video of Remote Play shows it won’t suck, Need for Speed: Rivals is a launch title, PS4 will have 11 entertainment apps at launch, the GTAV stimulus money FINALLY drops, maybe stock won’t be an option for the PS4, Malc needs help picking a game, and Joe and Malc’s review and thoughts about Batman: Arkham Origins, The Wolf Among Us, and WWE 2K14.

Community Questions:

1) Which of Malc’s 6 PS4 games should he get?

2) What PS4, PS3, or Vita subjects or questions do you have for the boys for the final show before the PS4 launch?

Be sure to keep on eye on Amazon to take advantage on that “Buy 2 PS4 Games, Get 1 Free!” deal that starts on 11/10 as we said on The Firmware Update!

Miss last week’s Firmware Update?

Your Hosts:

Malcolm Spinedi: (@FakeJoeGarcia)

Joe Garcia: (@Wons23)


Intro – “Eyes on the Prize” by George and Jonathan

Outro – “No More Lies” by George and Jonathan

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