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Published on January 26th, 2014 | by Malcolm Spinedi


Firmware Update 0.79: Candy Crush 2 – Joe’s Missing Piece

Firmware Update this week focuses on helping you pick out what upcoming games you should get in the next month. Plus, Joe flushes all credibility down the toliet by saying Final Fantasy XIII part 1 was a good game. Yes, that happened.

Talking Points: The boys predict the Royal Rumble, Joe loses something important, the people behind Candy Crush lose their god damn mind, possiblities for the Sony’s slimmest announcement, the chances of Vita TV being announced, Malc talks about his AT&T employees listening to the show, Conception is awesome, Witcher 3 continues to sound awesome, Killzone gets clans a little too late, no one uses 3D Blurays, Earth Defense Force has fans(?), The Last of Us DLC, Malcolm completely forgets to bring up the new Lord of the Rings game, Sony’s interesting Vita Sale, and a PS3 game coming to PS4 and Vita?

Community Questions: What PS3 game do you want to see ported to PS4 and Vita? What upcoming games are you excited about?

Want to take advantage of the sale mentioned on the Firmware Update? Click here!

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Malcolm Spinedi: (@PSMalc)

Joe Garcia: (@Wons23)


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