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Published on February 9th, 2014 | by Malcolm Spinedi


Firmware Update 0.80: The Late Show

Firmware Update is late (Our bad) but they make up for it by taking care of a week and a half worth of news!

Talking points: How well did the boys call the Royal Rumble, Should Malcolm buy Final Fantasy XIII-3 or Final Fantasy XIV, another gaming studio does some lay offs, you don’t need PS+ to play Elder Scrolls Online but you should get it anyway, February’s free PS+ games, why Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor is worth the watch, that guy from the Social Network will be Lex Luthor, why Captain America: Winter Soldier is awesome, Malcolm talks about how you can never go home…. or use the old PS3 controller after using the PS4 controller, Malc and Joe tackle the Micorsoft Youtube fiasco, and more!

Also here’s Joe’s Video!


Community Question: What was your last “YES!” moment in a video game? What you think of Joe’s Video?

Are you thinking of getting FFXIII-3 after this week’s Firmware Update?

Your Hosts:

Malcolm Spinedi: (@PSMalc)

Joe Garcia: (@Wons23)


Intro – “Eyes on the Prize” by George and Jonathan

Outro – “No More Lies” by George and Jonathan

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