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GeekLinkRadio.com is a not for profit website; we do not have ads, we do not get money from anywhere. 95% of the games we play and review are purchased with our own hard earned cash, as we all have day jobs. Occasionally, we may be given the opportunity to receive a review copy of a game, those reviews will explicitly state the source of the game.

So if we don’t get paid or get free stuff for doing this… why do it? Simple! WE LOOOOOVE VIDEO GAMES! We love talking about video games and want to share our opinions and ideas with you! The Geek Link team has been doing this type of work for a long time. We have been attending conventions and been invited to some really neat stuff all because we want to share those moments with you. What’s the reward? Your clicks, your twitter posts, your “likes”, your reddit upvotes, and most importantly your comments (even the bad ones).

We love what we do, and would not trade it for anything in the world and we hope that you like what we have come up with. We are a group of friends first and journalists second, and we wear our gaming hearts on our sleeves. We are extremely passionate and learn from every article we write and from every podcast we make so we can improve and give you the best experience ever. We thank you for taking the time and for being part of the ever growing Geek Link Community.

The Geek Link Team

Credits for the Geek Link Podcast:
You can find our intro and outro music title “Gecko” by Crya from:

During our episode, you can hear a melodic tune from Iron Clad Title “Samurai Champloo”


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