• Xalaga

    Founder & CEO of I like to be a hero in a world of 1's and 0's. A computer programmer by day and a gaming journalist by night, I spend most of my time dedicated to everything videogame. From teaching a college level class in videogame history to being part of "Portland's Ignite" speaking about girls in gaming, there is little time where I don't do some sort of videogame related activity. Now I spend my down time dedicated to The Geek Link where I'm a writer, a Web Master, and I am one of the creators and co-hosts of The Geek Link Podcast.

  • CannonFodder

    "My name is CannonFodder, I make adults cry and eat babies with my winning personality... That is their problem though because I am a super smart 20-something that has my brain power to back me up. But seriously, I like long walks on the beach and a good book about Zombies." Written on behalf of his friends ;)

  • smikey1123

    Senior Editor, Co-Host of The Geek Link Radio and father of two. I prefer a good story over better graphics. You can often find me on League of Legends, Steam, or my 360.

  • Tyler Lee

    I’ve been an avid gamer my whole life and have always enjoyed writing as well. It seems only natural to want to combine those two passions into one career. I like video games, movies, comics, anime, manga....yep, I'm a huge nerd. Favorite games include Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Shadow of the Colossus, Super Mario World, Jade Empire, and so on.

  • Malcolm Spinedi

    I'm Malcolm - writer, podcaster, video editor, and lesser known fact, head booker in a wrestling fed.

  • DCXM

    DCXM on Xbox and DC-XM on PSN. Borderlands is my game, I own it for both PS3 and 360. Before I had a console, I went around asking friends to borrow theirs so I could strictly play this game (this was in 2009 and I hadn't gamed since THUG, hardly a gamers game, on PS2) then Christmas happened and guess who got a PS3! That is the moment I became a 'real' gamer.

  • Zach (beezn) Beason

    I suppose that I'm what happens when you give a kid a 25 gallon tub of Lego and a lot of free time. I play games, I take things apart, and I build things (not as successfully as I took them apart). On occasion I have been known to put pen to paper and write about games, movies, comics, basically a whole bunch of stuff.

  • Ghost_117

    So new and shiny we've not even taken him out of the packaging yet...

  • Troy

  • Forrest Larson

    How do you do? I'm Forrest. I love videogames and music. Need I say more?

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